Community Connections, Inc is committed to distinctive quality and unparalleled consumer service in all aspects of our business. As part of the team, you will discover that the pursuit of excellence is truly a rewarding aspect of your career with Community Connections, Inc. As a team member, you must "own" the results of your work.

This employee handbook contains the key policies, goals, benefits, and expectations of Community Connections, Inc; and other information you will need as part of our team.

Corporate Mission Statement
Community Connections is dedicated to providing services that enhance the overall quality of life of the individuals we serve. We pride ourselves on placing the individual’s needs first and ensuring that we have qualified caring staff to assist those individuals in meeting their personal goals.  While putting the individual’s needs and concerns first, we are able to assist them in a manner which is not controlling and is respectful of their rights and provides the individual with dignity.  We pride ourselves on communicating with all related individuals in an open and honest manner. 

Employee Mission Statement
Employees at Community Connections are both trustworthy and trusted. They are valued as worthy contributors. Whether senior management or entry-level, people are treated with equal respect. They give support where support is needed and accept assistance when it’s called for.  Employees enthusiastically support and are dedicated to the company mission. All divisions of our company share a common purpose. All our employees feel responsible for achieving the company’s goals and share in the celebration, recognition, and rewards when those goals are achieved.


By "the best", we mean a company that puts the client’s needs and safety first.   In addition, we are committed to being an outstanding group and creating an environment for our employees that makes Community Connections, Inc. an exceptional place to work. We will conduct our business with the highest ethical standards and believe the following values are fundamental to our success.

It is important we:

Attract, motivate, and retain the most talented people in our industry; promote mutual trust and respect for each other; practice open and timely two-way communication with the expectation and confidence that well informed people will do the right thing; keep an open mind to new ideas and encourage innovation, with the knowledge that sometimes we fail; and provide opportunity for all employees to develop their potential and make the best use of their abilities.

This requires that we:
Deliver an excellent service that directly addresses our client's needs; maintain an open dialogue with our clients and team members and incorporate their suggestions and desires into our future service; quality is the responsibility of every employee, and each employee should take pride in all of the work and services we provide.

This demands that we:
Maintain a dynamic, growth-oriented environment that promotes teamwork and encourages individual initiative; provide leadership and a compensation structure that rewards excellent performance; pursue functional excellence as an integral part of our total business performance; and set priorities and execute plans consistent with our strategic objectives.

  • Full Time Nights M-F
  •  Full Time weekends 16 hour
  • Part-time Evenings
  • Full-time Evenings
  • Part-time Nights
  • Part-time Weekends
  • PRN

10 year anniversary coming up this June.

10 Year anniversary for Karin Lindley and  Cindy Rutledge.

Our staff members celebrating their employment:
​12 Years:

Brittnie Barker

Beth Eversole

11 Years:

Codi Evans, Teresa Jenkins, Laura Young

10 Years:

Louann Bender, Casey Potts 

8 Years:

Marianne Kiourtzids,

7 Years:

Theresa Bose

Our mission

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Our Milestones



Community Connections

We are celebrating our 12th year in business this year.  We look forward to many

scheduled events to help us celebrate this milestone. 

Day Program has many interesting things planned for this year.  We participate in many community activities like the Buddy Walk, Autism Walk, Volunteer at other local non-profit agencies.  We have had many fun experiences and trips.  We have gone to Holiday World, Indiana Beach, Beef n Boards, Indianapolis Zoo, State Fair, many festivals and community gatherings.